Coconut Wonder

Coconut aka Cocos Nucifera, which the early Spanish settlers called “monkey face” thus, the name “coco” –  is widely available in tropical places especially in my country. It is known here as “buko.” Its health benefits are known in India dated back 4th century. It had significant roles in the Hindu culture that in ancient time, they wouldn’t cut a coconut tree. Later on, coconuts became known to Egypt through crossing the Indian Ocean where it was known there as “Pharaoh’s Nut.”  I didn’t know that coconut varies genetically, depending which regions they were cultivated: Pacific and countries near India. Coconuts which are a mix of Indian and Pacific coconuts are found in Madagascar and Comoros island.

Coconut Husk for Sale: P25.00 each.



The Wonderer Travel: Guimaras Island

JUNE, it’s the start of wet season in the Philippines but the remnants of Summer Heat stayed a bit, that’s why nothing can stop the people from going to the beach even though drizzle and grey clouds covered the region. I live in a city where an island hopping is possible to the land of Sweet Mangoes – the Guiamaras Island. By island boats, it is 15-25 minutes away from the port of Iloilo City. The fare is inexpensive (less than 20 pesos) and they also provide life jacket to passengers.

The place I went to was called, Cabugan Adventure Resort. My companions were colleagues from work and we rented a jeepney that cost us 700pesos for 2 trips until we reach another island port, this time smaller and in the middle of mangroves.

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Wondering on Chowfan

One of my favorite rice menu is from Chowking, a Chinese restaurant that has many branches around the country. Chao Fan rice became a favorite due to memories I spent with a friend while working in Jollibee. Whenever we were hungry, the nearest restaurant we could go was Chowking. We order Chao Fan rice frequently that such activity, I also long while living abroad. Spending quality time with someone is always something to look forward to. A simple Chao Fan rice had connected us for life.

{ Pork Siomai Chao Fan }


There are some changes in the Chao fan menu and price. The pork siomai is now only P88.00 with drinks! The other Chao Fan meals also had marked down. Isn’t this a wonder? ^_____^


Wondering on Batchoy

BATCHOY – an Ilonggo soup delicacy made of miki noodles combined with pork meat, organs , liver, and spices. Later, topped with chicharon. The first batchoy made was from La Paz, that’s why it is best well-known as “La Paz Batchoy.”  



Being an Ilonggo, this is the most missed food when you are living abroad. The day after I arrived in Iloilo City, I took the jeepney going to La Paz and had a batchoy brunch at Deco’s Restaurant, located in Gaisano City. When the soup reached my tongue I thought to myself  “this is the batchoy I know of!” 

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